Click on the Data Scoring menu item to open the window that lets external data be scored with your model to get 

predicted values.

Scoring data in batch

  1. Click Open Scored Data
  2. Click Upload New Data to upload the data you would like to score
  3. Once uploaded, under Action, click ValidateData. If the headers of the uploaded file are valid to be scored by the model, the action ValidateData changes to ScoreData
  4. Click Score Data.
  5. Once the data is scored, scored changes from No to Yes.
  6. Click the Viewicon to view the scored data.
  7. Click the Downloadicon to download the data to any of the following destinations:
  • Export data to My Data -> shows up in the Rawdata in the Data Engine
  • Download to your computer
  • Export to a bucket

View Real-Time Data

All calls to the prediction API, whether scoring in real-time or in batch, are recorded here.

View Validation Data

Click to view the validation/test data used to evaluate the performance of the model.